Leeds and Bradford Street Shows

NIS excitement felt in Yorkshire as the first street shows take place!

Bradford – City Park

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, history was seen in the making as the very first NIS Street Show took shape in Bradford’s City Park, UK.  This event was an entertaining mix of performance art interspersed with drums and dancing, which attracted many passers-by. Some younger members of the Nirankari Mission gave thought provoking dramatisations, as to how an individual can fly to new heights, if he sheds the vices that ordinarily weigh human beings down.  There were also messages through short plays, highlighting the problems that arise when there is lack of communication within families.  The show provided positive resolutions to these common problems, through the embracing of Oneness.
The performances further expressed the ideals of love, peace, unity and oneness for all.  The shows were uniquely interesting, as they incorporated role play and laughter therapy. Together with the aid of their very distinctive NIS promotional banners and materials, the public were drawn with many making further enquiries leaving their contact details for NIS. Volunteers were able to use this opportunity to promote the International Festival of ONENESS (NIS 2012).

Leeds – Eastend Park

On Sunday 24th June 2012, the second NIS Street-show took place in Eastend Park, Leeds, UK. Thousands of people had lined the streets en-route from Bradford to Leeds, in anticipation of the Olympic Torch Relay which was due to pass through the area.

At Eastend Park, there were stalls pitched by local businesses, charities, sports organisations, and arts/voluntary sector institutions that had assembled. The public in their hundreds were attracted towards the NIS stall promoting the International Festival of Oneness.
The sun shone as crowds gathered around, with SNM volunteers joining together from Bradford, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stoke, Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham and Oxford. The NIS Street show in the park truly reflected the power of Oneness together with the diversity of the local people.

The NIS Street-show kept the attention of the crowds, who were fully engaged and entertained throughout the afternoon. They were actively involved and participating with the performers.  The crowds cheered and laughed at the humour, danced with the elaborate choreographed routines, creating a real carnival atmosphere.

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